Warnings against fire and explosion in Tet

Forgeting turning off the stove, short-circuit, burning grass, etc. are the reasons to cause some fire cases recently. Particularly in the Lunar New Year, residents should be more careful and pay attention to the following fire prevention measures:

When cooking

  • There must be someone to take care of
  • You should turn off the stove before going out of home though only for a while
  • Try not to let children and the elderly cooking
  • After finishing cooking, gas must be locked or the power of the electric/magnetic stove must be turned off

Before going to sleep, remember to check all electricity sources

When using Electricity Devices

  • Repair immediately any device that find out to be damaged
  • Use anti- shock devices to prevent electricity incidents

Turn off circuit breakers before leaving the house

Be careful with direct fire source

  • Should be kept away from flammable materials when lighting candles, burning incenses
  • Burning votive, garbage, grass must be carried out far from the house. After finishing, the fire must be extinguished to prevent spreading into the house
  • Do not let children playing with fire
  • Cigarette butts must be extinguished before disposing

Especially, residents need to equip on-site fire fighting equipment.

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