Tracking Lost Property

On the afternoon of August 23, 2023, Ms. B., the owner of a wine shop on P Street in the Panorama Complex of the Phu My Hung City Center, along with two employees, placed four barrels of wine (valued at over VND 7 million) in front of the sidewalk, awaiting pickup and delivery to a customer. Due to their work commitments, Ms. B. and her staff returned to the store, leaving the four barrels of wine unattended. After some time, upon Ms. B.’s return, the four barrels of wine were missing.

Ms. B. promptly contacted the monitoring center of the Phu My Hung Security Team to locate the missing assets. Utilizing surveillance footage, the Phu My Hung Security Team gathered information about the incident. According to the footage, after Ms. B. and her staff had re-entered the store, a woman wearing a gray coat, driving a red Wave car with license plate number 59 C2 …, and carrying a white foam box, arrived at the location and took the barrels of wine away.

Based on the recorded images, the Phu My Hung Security Team identified the woman as a scrap collector and reached out to scrapyard owners in the area for further identification. Approximately 30 minutes later, a scrapyard owner identified the woman and provided a phone number for the Phu My Hung Security Team to contact her for resolution.

Shortly thereafter, Ms. P. X. T. (the individual who had taken the four barrels of wine) returned them to the store. According to Ms. T.’s explanation, she mistakenly believed that the four barrels of wine, which were left unattended on the sidewalk, were expired and discarded by the store, so she had taken them to sell as scrap. She had previously collected expired boxes from in front of the store as well.

Upon receiving the four barrels of wine back, the store representative acknowledged the oversight for not assigning a custodian and pledged not to pursue any actions against the individual who had mistakenly taken them. The store also expressed gratitude to the Phu My Hung Security Team for their assistance in recovering the lost property.

Source: Phu My Hung Security Team

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