Thief being caught due to stealing wing mirrors

On April 6, 2022, Ms. S. parked her car on Ton Dat Tien Street and went to the golf course. When coming back, she found out that her car’s wing mirrors were dissapeared. After being informed by the victim, Phu My Hung’s security Guard came to the site, checked camera data to identify the object and instructed Ms. S. to report her case to Tan Phu Ward Police.

The following night, Phu My Hung’s Patrolling security Team had discovered that the guy, who stole the wing mirrors of Ms. S.’s car, returned to Phu My Hung area. PMH security Force followed him and reported to District 7 Police for support. The guy kept going in the Phu My Hung area but could not find any “prey”, then drove in the direction of Nguyen Thi Thap street. Because the guy ran out of the Phu My Hung area, PMH security Guard had informed the subject’s location to District 7 Police to continue monitoring. At 21:30 on the same day, District 7 Police caught the guy stealing the wing mirror of one car in Street No. 3, Tan Kieng Ward, District 7.

The guy mentioned his full name as Ta Van Ch., born in 1974, living in District 4, HCMC. He also admitted stealing 2 wing mirrors of Ms. S.’s car parked on Ton Dat Tien Street on April 6. District 7 police continues to investigate and handle as per regulations.

Phu My Hung Security reminds residents and guests to park their cars in parking lots to avoid unexpected damages.

In case of security problems, please contact Phu My Hung Security Team through hotline: (028) 5411 3113

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