Swiftly apprehending the phone thief

Recently, the Phu My Hung security force quickly uncovered a phone snatcher thanks to their expertise and acumen in their work.

The incident stemmed from a traffic collision. While on patrol, a Phu My Hung security guard saw a young man fall from his car on Nguyen Luong Bang Street and went to help. Seeing that the young man was severely injured and holding a phone in his hand, the security guard suggested that he call his relatives to take him to the hospital. However, the young man was unable to unlock the phone and tried to avoid doing so. At the same time, the monitoring center of the Phu My Hung Security Department announced that a woman’s phone had been snatched in The Crescent Strip. Suspecting that the young man who fell from the car was the phone snatcher, the Phu My Hung security guard detained him for clarification.

Despite repeated requests, the subject still could not unlock the phone. In addition, the identity of the phone that he was holding matched the victim’s report, so Phu My Hung security contacted and handed over the subject and evidence to Tan Phu Ward Police, Dist. 7 for handling.

At the Tan Phu ward police station, the subject identified himself as Phan Hoang Tr., born in 1997, from Khanh Hoa Province and temporarily residing in Binh Chanh County. He admitted to stealing an iPhone 13 Promax (worth 22 million VND) from a woman in The Crescent Strip.

News: Thanh Toan

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